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Lock batcher
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Lock locks of the PR series are applied at the exit of bulks from razgruzitel of pneumatic installations, filters, cyclones and other installations in which pressure differs from atmospheric and serve for blockage of access in a razgruzitel of atmospheric air. Also lock lock can be applied to release of loose products with a temperature up to 200 °C from bunkers as the doser. The lock lock consists of the cylindrical case with fixing flanges in the top and lower part. On lateral faces of the case the covers equipped with bearing knots of the rotor mechanism fasten. The rotor mechanism represents the reel which is rigidly installed on a shaft, divided into several cavities which are "pockets" for the given product. Making a revolution round its pivot-center, cavities of a drum take particles of a product and transport them down, carrying out unloading under the influence of gravitation forces. Rotation of the rotor mechanism is carried out from the electromechanical drive (motor reducer). Carrying out a role of the unloading valve, the lock lock has tightness, the air providing the minimum leak from the unloading bunker. In the steel case there are special blowing-off openings for cleaning of locks of a product,
stuck to walls. The purge is carried out at the expense of vacuum or excessive pressure. At the request of the customer the lock lock can be made in special explosion-proof execution of ATEH.


1. Tightness on all service life.
2. Portable bearing support.
3. The motor reducer from the known global manufacturer.
4. Low cost of operation.
5. Standard accessions and production on those. to a task.

Table of a technical characteristic of lock locks of the PR series


Diameter of a rotor (mm) Reducer type Power of an el.dvigatel (kW) Frequency of a rotor (rpm) Capacity of the working camera (l) Productivity (m3/hour)
1 PR 150 SV 50 0,55 40 2,4 5,9
2 PR 200 SV 63 1,1 40 6 18,8
3 PR 240 SV 63 1,1 40 9 22,7
4 PR 300 SV 75 1,1 40 15 47,4
5 PR 400 SV 90 2,2 40 43 103
6 PR 500 SV 110 3 40 82 200
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Processing medium: Air, Diol (glycol), Petroleum, Hot air, Emulsions of water and oil, Diesel fuel, Kerosene, Fuel oil, Petrol, Oil, Abrasive medium, Mineral oil, Antifreeze, Multiphase medium, Alcohols, Acid, Brake fluid, Water, Paint, Gear oil, Steam, Paints and varnishes, Chemical, Concrete, Viscous medium, Polyglycol, Gas
Processing medium: Gas, Water, Acid, Air, Oil, Steam
Information is up-to-date: 01.11.2017

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