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Installations for a wood granulation

Installations for a wood granulation
  • Installations for a wood granulation
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Granulators PM-250 and PM-120

Granulator PM-400

The Ploskomatrichny granulator is used to production of a formula-feed and fuel granule from biomass or by-products of processing (bran, a peel, etc.)

Raw materials move in a reception funnel of the granulator PM, come to the camera of pressing and are pressed through by system of rollers through an opening of a flat matrix, forming at the granule exit. The ready granule rolls down an output tray in the capacity prepared in advance or the special cooling device. The size of a granule is defined by diameter of openings in a matrix and the provision of the cutting plane.

Simplicity, compactness of installation, low energy consumption - advantages of application to production of granules of the flat and matrix granulator PM.

Technical characteristic of granulators of the PM series

Name of the granulator Al. power (kW) Productivity (kg/h) Diameter of granules (mm) Diameter of a matrix (mm) Weight (kg)
1 PM - 120 11 120 6.8 220 280
2 PM - 250 22 250 6.8 320 690
3 PM - 400 37.45 400 6.8 420 890
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Productivity: 120 kg/h
Information is up-to-date: 25.10.2017

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